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Roland Vazquez Cara Silvernail - Rich Thomson


Originally from California, drummer composer Roland Vazquez is a band leader, educator, and producer for the better part of 40 years.

Coming up playing with R&B and rock bands in and around East LA, his interests evolved in the mid 70's towards composing and recording "jazz fusion" with various bands.

Later, he taught ensembles at the Manhattan School of Music ('88-9'98) and then ensembles, composition, and "Music of the Afro Latin Diaspora" at the University of Michigan ('00-'06).

He continues composing- as well as giving concerts, clinics, and lecture presentations at major conservatories and Universities around the country.

His most recent recording ("The Visitor") features an all-star Afro Latin jazz orchestra and was supported by a grant from the Aaron Copland Fund for Music (2010).

He is married to composer/performer Susan Botti; and lives together with their two children in Red Hook, NY. www.rolandvazquez.com