T   R   I   O   S   P   E   A   K

TrioSpeak is organically improvised music with minimal preconception. Intertwining shapes, textures, sounds, rhythms and melodic lines work with and oppose each other, bringing the listener on multi-episodic textural adventures. "We don't play tunes!"

Coming together, quite by chance during the summer of 2014, each member recognizes their desire to create and experience music brought and shared equally by each artist. TrioSpeak's philosophy is that of a relationship or conversation, where each stands independently and offers equally, together. We state, question, comment, and respond to the other's sonic offerings, welcoming guests who also wish to "speak" with us.

TrioSpeak is: Cara Silvernail, Rich Thomson, with Roland Vazquez

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Photos by John Rizzo
Website by Phil Denslow